Building Communities to Improve Healthcare

Medstro has created the only online community and challenge platform as a service designed specifically for healthcare professionals.

3 Ways We Activate Communities



Provides healthcare practitioners with environments where they can share best practices, openly and honestly communicate, and learn from each other in an environment tailored to their needs.



Turn-key solutions for companies to conduct online contests where they can promote their interest to the greater healthcare community and identify new opportunities for products that they could help develop as their own.



Medstro works with the MJH Life SciencesTM Live Events Team for our innovation challenges that include a live pitch off. Live Events is committed to developing high-quality experiences through healthcare-focused live events that promote engagement, employ best-practices, and create optimal experiences for every attendee with an extreme focus on the overall “white-glove experience” for everyone involved.

Powerfully connected

Medstro is part of Truth Serum Network, a subsidiary of MJH Life SciencesTM—the largest privately-held communications company in the USA and distinguished source of high-quality healthcare news via print, digital, and live events.