Keep communities in check: 3-step guide

To put it simply, the most critical part of the community manager role is having one. Even the most successful online communities, while self-sufficient to a certain degree, rely on the diligence and patience of a community manager.

As the liaison between the organization and its community members, the community manager is responsible for building the pathways that allow members to connect and promote community growth. While the duties of a community manager are truly limitless, we’ve compiled what we believe to be the top 3 responsibilities of community managers:

Initiate Discussion

Think about how difficult it often can be to get individuals in the same room to engage in conversation. Now imagine how much harder that can be when everyone you are trying to engage is behind a screen. While online communities eventually become an outlet for members to communicate freely amongst one another, it may not happen naturally at first, which is where the community manager steps in. Pose questions, follow a content calendar, and explore new ways to engage the members of your community.

Monitor Content

While community guidelines may be clearly defined upon sign-up, there will be times when members deviate from what is deemed appropriate according to community standards. Whether its addressing behavior with community members, removing a comment, or pivoting to keep the conversation on track, sometimes the community manager has to be the “bad guy” – but that’s ok! Community guidelines are crucial to keep the conversation positive and effective.

Analyze Metrics

Metrics are the easiest means to evaluate what is working well for your community members and what needs to be reassessed. Analyze your community’s performance on a regular basis and modify tactics to see if those tweaks reveal improvements. As an ever-changing practice, community managers must be earnest to keep their community on top of trends, and ultimately top of mind for members and targeted members.

The reality is that a community cannot manage itself. Behind every successful online community, is a strategic community manager.

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