Quick Tips for Strengthening Engagement in Your KOL Community

As KOL engagement continues to guide companies in developing new products, conducting research, refining the commercialization strategy, and creating quality medical content, the ubiquity of these groups to the healthcare industry also follows suit. While it is now routine to secure multiple clinical thought leaders and key investigators for assistance in guiding discussions about disease states or brand implementation, managing a thought-leadership network can be challenging. Realistically, any group of key opinion leaders, or KOLs, is only as good as your company’s plans for engaging them. Consider the following aspects to achieve better engagement in your KOL community.

Align their interests with your marketing goals to drive brand impact

Formulate a strategy on how your KOL community can best impact commercialization efforts – and don’t underestimate how innovative your community members can be in nearly every brand challenge! For the most effective collaboration, consider the KOL’s interests, strengths, and alignment with the company’s goals for a particular product or service. Introduce cross-functional advisory boards to pursue common aspirations pertaining to the needs of your organization, or offer networking opportunities in a variety of therapeutic area to provide members with an array of perspectives. To foster a relationship that is mutually beneficial, your engagement plan should address the scientific and medical needs of your KOLs.

Understand what motivates KOLs

Figuring out the types of content that are popular within your community culture can create more engagement among community members. The challenge (or opportunity) is that all KOLs have different interests. While some actively seek the notoriety that accompanies working at the top of their profession, others prefer to focus on their core research discoveries, happy enough with their investigations. One thing they have in common, however, is the prospect of comparing notes with their peers. Observing these interactions and fostering greater camaraderie will allow you to understand the stimuli that produce the most robust interaction among them all – in turn providing your organization with insights from valuable stakeholders.

Create a forum that maximizes the dynamic

A closed-KOL social network – or a private forum for interacting – is one proven tactic that generally appeals to all parties. There are several ways to use closed-community platforms to activate and engage KOLs on an ongoing basis. Encourage KOLs to introduce problems they face, and invite them to comment on each other’s thinking. Elicit ongoing, real-time conversation within your community through consistent newsfeed posts, or drop a question into the mix to see not just what they say, but also how they say it. If you keep your community engaged in the changing landscape of the therapeutic area, as well as how your brand is responding, the platform is sure to reveal priceless insights on behalf of your brand.
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